Bailey's Yule Log, Christmas Tree Crisps, Cinnamon Coca Cola etc (Spotted In Shops)

Just a quick run down of some recent Spotted In Shops finds this week...there's so many new products out it's hard to keep track, but rest assured I'll be doing the yearly Christmas & Halloween In Shops roundups soon!

Firstly (above), this made the rounds in the News recently, it is of course Christmas Tree flavour crisps, available at Iceland! Would you try them? I haven't.

Secondly - the fantastic sounding new Bailey's Chocolate Yule Log, available at Tesco. Yummo!

In other weird crisp flavours, Gin has found its way onto crisps too. Waitrose are doing Pink Peppercorn Gin Hand Cooked Crisps!

Bailey's Pumpkin Spice is back! Available at Tesco for £12.

Or if you want a cheaper version, Aldi are now doing Specially Selected Pumpkin Spice Irish Cream Liquer for £6.99.

Nestle Smarties Limited Edition Rudolph's Noses - red-only Smarties, exclusive to Asda for £1.

Ed's Easy Diner is now in the freezer section of Tesco! They're doing Banoffee Pie and Cookie Dough Desserts. 

Tesco have brought out a novel Cookie Popcorn for the festive season - drizzled in white chocolate! *drools*

Aunt Bessie's are now doing frozen Rice Pudding and Jam at Tesco. Just what we always needed...right?!

Not in shops yet - but it soon will be! Coca Cola is bringing out a Coca Cola Cinnamon Zero Sugar Festive Limited Edition in the UK ...and I for one am excited!

Yazoo Choc Mint Limited Edition - spotted at Asda. 

You can now get Starburst Minis and Skittles Chewies minus the shells in mini bags. Spotted in WH Smith. 

Fibre One have expanded into cake bars - there's a Triple Choc plus a Carrot Cake version, available in Sainsbury's and Asda. 

Tyrrell's have launched this posh limited edition of their crisps for Christmas - Raspberry Bellini! Yum or yuck? Spotted at Tesco. 

Tesco are also selling these fantastic After Eight advent calendars in Big Ben style boxes.

As well as these cool Smarties Castle Style Calendars!

Nature Valley have finally launched their new Nut Butter Cups in Almond and Peanut in the UK - available at Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons.

Nestle have added a new variety to their Whips (minus the walnut!) range - Divine Mocha. Available at Poundland.

Also available at Poundland is the return of Toblerone copycat Twin Peaks!

Nestle have launched a new range of "Yes" snack bars to take on Nakd bars, in strange flavours like Lemon and Chilli and Beetroot. Available at Sainsbury's and Morrisons.

Lidl are now doing a great Deluxe dessert range including Apple and Salted Caramel Crumble Tarts...

 Plus Speculoos Cheesecake!

A new Muller Light variety - Banoffee Pie. Spotted at Tesco.

Bella Italia have branched out into desserts with a Lemon Cheesecake, available at Tesco...

Plus Tiramisu.

Breyers are now doing a low calorie Sweet Berry Choc Chip ice cream exclusive to Asda.

Cadbury has brought out a Dairy Milk centenerary edition wrapper, with money donated from sales of each bar to The Royal British Legion. Available at Tesco.

Another great advent calendar - Quality Street! Available at Wilko, Tesco, B&M etc.

More Tesco festive snacks - Triple chocolate mallows.

Plus Prosecco cocktail jellies!

And salted caramel and cocoa tortillas!

That's all for now but there'll be more Spotted In Shops in the coming weeks - stay tuned!


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