Foxs Glacier Tropical Limited Edition Sweets

Foxs Tropical Glacier Sweets

A quick review today, since these Fox's Limited Edition Tropical Glaciers will soon be making way for the new Winter limited edition. These are currently available in various stores but I was kindly sent them by Home Bargains, where you can be guaranteed to find all the latest limited edition Fox's sweets, as well as many other cool products.

Foxs Tropical Glacier Sweets

These contain a tropical variety of Mango & Passionfruit, Pineapple and...Coconut! I was not expecting that one!

Foxs Tropical Glacier Sweets

Opening the wrappers, of course they smelled super tropical!

The mango and passionfruit is the classic tropical flavour, very pleasant and tasty. Pineapple is another classic and one of my favourite sweet flavours - the ones in Starburst Tropical used to be absolute favourites. I really enjoyed this one!

The coconut was interesting. You wouldn't quite expect this to work in sweet form but it's actually very pleasant. It's a sweet and subtle coconut flavour, but unmistakable. Is it artificial? Yeah of course... but these are boiled sweets, so it's to be expected!

Overall, a big thanks to Home Bargains for sending me some cool snacks from their stores and giving me a chance to try these. I love that Fox's do regular limited editions that are a little different from other companies, and am excited to see what the new Winter limited edition will be like!

8 out of 10. 


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