New M&M's Cake Bars Review

M&M's Cake Bars Review

I was recently contacted about a new super secret product, that would be sent to me on the launch day without knowing what it might be. Of course, I was super intrigued! Imagine my surprise when a MASSIVE Skittles Cake and a few packs of M&M's Cake bars turned up! Now unfortunately DPD messed up the Skittles Cake in typical fashion - it ended up squashed - but luckily these M&M's Cake Bars were fine - hurrah!

M&M's Cake Bars

The packs contain 5 individually wrapped bars that are a pretty standard affair, with a layer of soft sponge on the bottom, a layer of cream on top and all coated in milk chocolate. The surprise? The cream layer contains pieces of mini M&M's!

M&M's Cake Bars

Opening the wrapper the cakes smelled delicious, with a malty chocolate aroma.

M&M's Cake Bars

I cut a piece off, expecting to see M&M's...where were they?

M&M's Cake Bars

I cut more pieces off and still couldn't see any, so eventually ended up dissecting the whole cake bar to find some. They had to be in there, surely?!

Luckily they were. If you look closely in the pic above you can see some blue and yellow colours nestled into the cream layer. I think the pieces are so finely chopped it's hard to make them out. I don't know why they didn't just use whole M&Ms!

Now of course I couldn't eat these myself (cue complaints from a certain follower!) since I am allergic to gluten, so I passed on the cake bar to a friend, who definitely knows his cakes. His comments were that the cake is very moist and tasty, with a slightly malty flavour that's better than the average shop-bought cake bar. The cream adds an extra creamy sweetness, whilst the M&M's give a slight crunch but on the whole, they're not too detectable and get a bit lost in everything else.

So there you have it! M&M's in cake good as it sounds? Not really, but hey they're worth a buy for the novelty factor alone. I'm puzzled why they didn't use whole M&M's; maybe there's some technical manufacturing reason that prevents it? Your guess is as good as mine!

These are available now from Tesco and Sainsbury's with an RRP of £1.65.

8 out of 10.


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