Tesco's New Frozen Toasties: the height of laziness?

Whilst perusing the new products in Tesco recently I came across something that made me stop in my tracks. "Really?!" I thought...people are really lazy enough to buy a FROZEN Toasted Sandwich?" It's not like they are that hard to slap together especially if you have a Toastie Maker.

The frozen delights come in classic Toastie flavours like Cheese & Ham, Tuna & Sweetcorn, BBQ Chicken, and Cheese Tomato & Spinach.

The latter even comes with wholemeal bread...mmm healthy frozen Toastie!

I imagine this range may be popular with students, although I reckon they'd opt for something shop-bought over these - too much effort!

Have you tried the new frozen Toasties from Tesco? Are they actually any good? Let me know in the comments!


  1. How much are they?

    i used a sandwich toaster a lot at uni (even though it was banned to use in the room ahahaha rebel) but since it gave up the ghost a few years ago (prob thru lack of cleaning) i've not bought another one as it was hard to get a single portion one (i've seen one suitable) and also i used it so infrequently it will take up valuable space in my kitchen (i've moved recently, to a bigger property but somehow less storage in kitchen :-( )

    I can't believe the bread will hold up very well?

    BBQ flavours in ready made food can sometimes be so gross. i think its the sweet kind.

  2. I would definitely give the veggie one a try - I don't even own a toaster, let alone a sandwich maker, and I don't buy bread, so I can imagine keeping a couple of these in the freezer for when I get a sandwich craving!

    1. no toaster?? how do you live without toast... i heart toast... :)

  3. Ham&chease toast looks the best.
    Which toast do you like most?

  4. That's not as bad as the frozen premade porridge they have started selling in my Tesco! Surely that would take longer to prepare than doing it from scratch, or at least one of those instant pots!!

  5. Useful for disabled people like myself. So not a 'lazy' choice for everyone :)


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