Oreo Birthday Party - new for the UK!

oreo birthday party

Just a quick post today as a heads up...Oreo Birthday Party variety is now available in the UK! From Asda specifically, these are on offer for 50p and consist of regular Oreo vanilla creme cookies with sprinkles in the centre. They're pretty much the same thing as Oreo Birthday Cake which have been available as imports for a while, and have been launched to celebrate Oreo's birthday.

Have you tried these? Are they as good as Oreo Birthday Cake? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Awesome post as usual Kev and love the heads up on this new product. Sprinkles are so pretty, I love them in anything. I haven’t had an Oreo for ages, but fancied using them to decorate a bake, maybe a cake or something. Happy snacking and have a fun weekend! :-) xx

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