New M&S British Isles Range...and Salt & Vinegar Caramels?!

marks and spencer salt and vinegar caramels

Usually it's random companies that go balls to the wall with weird and wacky new flavours, but this time it's good old "British" institution M&S that have brought out a range of not just any new treats, but a "Taste of the British Isles" range, sure to make any Brexiteer dance with joy. It includes products like the Sea Salt and Vinegar Caramels shown above. Wrong, just wrong! What next, fish and chip truffles? (they probably do exist somewhere!)

British Beer Coated Peanuts

In more weirdness, they're also selling not just any nuts but British Beer Coated Peanuts!

marks and spencer cider truffles

Plus they're doing a variety of alcoholic sweets, such as Milk Chocolate Truffles made with Somerset Matured Vintage Cider.

marks and spencer gin chocolate collection

Plus a Gin Chocolate Collection for the gin lovers...

marks and spencer craft beer fudge

As well as Craft Beer Fudge!

marks and spencer fruity summer punch mallows

Plus, Fruity Summer Punch Mallows...

marks and spencer rum and raisin toffees

And Rum and Raisin Toffees. Now these sound more up my street!

There's also Mocktail Jellies...

And the non-alcoholic and pure Unicorns Jellies...

Plus jelly Watermelons!

marks and spencer summer fruit whips

A new variety of Whip - Summer Fruits Whips!

neapolitan inspired popcorn bites

Ooh - these look nice, Neapolitan Inspired Popcorn Bites!

marks and spencer sticky toffee pudding bites

As do these Sticky Toffee Pudding Bites!

You can't go wrong with Sea Salt Fudge Bites.

They're even getting in on the Speculoos train with these Speculoos Biscuit Truffles.

marks and spencer Cornish White Chocolate Clotted Cream Truffles

These sound lovely - Cornish White Chocolate Clotted Cream Truffles with a Cornish clotted cream ganache.

marks and spencer sticky toffee pudding bar

There's also this Sticky Toffee Pudding Bar, if you don't fancy sharing the bites!

Plus a Nostalgic British Fudge collection, with flavours like Eton Mess and Raspberry Fool.

Plus Ice Cream Inspired Toffees with raspberry ripple, mint chocolate and banana split flavours. Woo!

And plain Mint Toffees, made in York.

Gourmet Caramels, with strawberry, blackberry, mango & passionfruit flavours.

A Chocolate Maltball Selection - aka Maltesers - with salted caramel, dark chocolate and milk chocolate flavours.

Handmade Toffee Nut Brittle - made to a classic recipe with almond and pecan pieces.

Taste of The British Isles box - featuring Scottish Raspberry, English spring honey, Welsh sea salted caramel, and Irish cream liquer.

English toffee and milk chocolate drizzle cookies. Yum!

Last, but not least - Milk Chocolate Emotions. Because M&S are too posh for emojis...

Well, that's all for today's post - there were a few other new things in at M&S but I've included the most interesting here. If you try any of these treats, as always do let me know in the comments!


  1. The wooden barrel for the chocolate truffles is really cute, I wonder how sturdy it is for using as storage afterwards...

  2. did you ever try tesco's salt and vinegar weird doughs? - they weren't as gross as you'd think... i'd be up for trying these, but not for £5


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