New Marks & Spencer Chouxnuts & Coconut Pots

salted caramel chouxnuts

Today's post is another Spotted In Shops (soooooo much new stuff lately!) and again it's for M&S who have been busy not just adding a new British Isles range (complete with the weird Salt & Vinegar Caramels) to their confectionery offerings, but a rather decadent looking range of pastries to their desserts. One special addition in particular is this hybrid of choux pastry and a doughnut...the chouxnut!

Available in Salted Caramel (of course), as well as...

Rhubarb and Custard Chouxnuts:
marks and spencer rhubarb and custard chouxnuts

Plus there's some Strawberries and Cream Choux Buns:

And the new Ultimate Chocolate Eclairs, filled with chocolate mousse and with white chocolate icing!

Plus there's the fruity Blackcurrant Eclairs..

As well as these fancy looking White Chocolate & Blackcurrant Spheres:
Plus they're doing some new vegan dairy free vanilla Coconut Yogurt Pots...

As well as Blueberry Coconut Pots...

Plus Mango & Passionfruit Coconut Pots...

There's also been more additions to their confectionery and snacks range, which I'll do a post on shortly! If you've tried any of these desserts please do let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. omg the salted caramel chouxnuts are soooooooo delicious!!! i can't find them anymore and am now depressed...


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