Nestle Ruby Kitkat to launch in the UK!

Nestle Ruby Kitkat

Good news snack lovers, Nestle are going to launch their much-hyped Ruby Kitkats in the UK - hurrah!

Nestle Ruby Kitkat

The Kitkats, first launched in China last year are made with naturally pink-coloured Ruby cocoa beans and will go on sale in Tesco in four finger bars.

kitkat ruby

The specially coloured beans are grown in the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil and promise "an intense fruity taste". The chocolate was created by Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut - the world’s largest cocoa processor.

ruby cocoa beans

Nestle are calling Ruby Chocolate a "fourth chocolate", after traditional Milk, Dark and White. It's the first new natural colour for chocolate since Nestlé unveiled white chocolate more than 80 years ago.

The Kitkats will go on sale in the US and Europe following the UK launch. Wow - must be the first time we are getting a product launched here before other countries!

Do you fancy the look of the Ruby Kitkat? Have you seen it in shops yet? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Looking forward to this! Thanks for the headsup!

  2. Oooh had no idea about this, exciting!

  3. You've just copy pasted the press releae, Kev. Come on buddy, you can do better. I'm starting to think you don't really care about snacks at all.

    1. If you've read my blog you'll see that I've spent a lot of time on snacks. This post is just to inform followers who don't follow press releases -
      not everyone has the time!


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