Montezuma's Milk Chocolate with Chai Latte Bar

Montezuma's Milk Chocolate Chai Latte Bar

Montezumas, makers of the famous Absolute Black chocolate bar are turning 18 this year, and to celebrate their coming of age they've launched a "Festival" range...because they're going to their first festival now they're 18. Get it? These colourfully packaged bars are specially designed to help them party and were inspired by Holi, the Hindu festival which signifies the arrival of spring and has become known as the happiest festival on earth. I really do like the packaging designs, they're the sort of thing I would definitely pick up in a shop to buy!

There's three varieties in the range; today's review which is Milk Chocolate with Chai Latte, as well as Milk Chocolate with Coffee & Cocoa Nibs and Dark Chocolate with Rose & Vanilla (reviews to follow shortly).

Montezuma's Milk Chocolate with Chai Latte Bar

Containing 35% Cocoa Milk Chocolate with the addition of mixed spice, this 100g bar is suitable for vegetarians and gluten free.

The spice aroma is very evident on opening the wrapper, followed by the milk chocolate. Taking a bite, the chocolate is super creamy and smooth, just what you'd expect from higher quality chocolate. The spices are subtle yet still very evident in the taste. They bring a lovely warming chai taste that blends well without overpowering the chocolate. Think of a creamy, warm chai latte and you get the idea!

Overall, this is a lovely bar from Montezuma's and if chai spices are your thing I'd highly recommend giving it a try! Check out Montezuma's website for more info, nutrition information and where to buy.

8.5 out of 10.


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