Iceland No Bull Vegan Burgers

Iceland No Bull Vegan Burgers

Iceland (the UK supermarket chain, not the country!) are getting in on the trend for meat-free eating and have launched a new range of "No Bull" Vegan burgers in their stores. The burgers promise the same taste and texture as real the point they even "bleed". Can I have a "EWWW?" from everyone?! Quite why a vegan would want a bleeding burger (or even why a meat eater would, for that matter) is beyond me, but apparently these come so close to the real thing they look like raw mince once cooked, thanks to the beetroot colouring used.

Are they any good? Reports suggest they taste as good as real meat although it's obvious that they aren't. Which is pretty much what one would expect, I suppose?

Have you tried  these No Bull burgers? Did you like the fleshy colours on offer? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I tried these a couple of weeks ago and posted about it on my Instagram @fitforaqwween. They are so good! Obviously not meat and quite soft, would liken it to a rare mince texture which won’t be to everyone’s taste. Really can’t fault the flavour at all and it’s something different for all the vegetarians and vegans. I would buy them again.


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