The Primal Pantry Double Espresso Protein Bar

The Primal Pantry Double Espresso Protein Bar

When I'm trying to eat healthy (#thestruggleisreal!) I do like a nice refined sugar, gluten and dairy free snack to munch on. There's always the trusty, tasty Nakd bars on hand in most shops, but a lesser-known brand is The Primal Pantry, who make Paleo and Vegan approved bars with ingredients like nuts, dried fruit, coconut sugar etc. I've tried their stuff before and really enjoyed it. So when I spotted this caffeine infused Espresso variety in the Co Op recently I got very excited indeed - probably too excited, must have been the thought of that shake-inducing caffeine!

The Primal Pantry Double Espresso Protein Bar

Described as simply a "Double Espresso Protein Bar" it contains real coffee beans and seemed to be promising an energy boost in bar form - protein AND coffee all at once?! Can't get more #fitfam than that ey?

The Primal Pantry Double Espresso Protein Bar

Unfortunately, the bar turned out to be a bit pants. Overlooking the fact it looked like something you'd find in your pants, the texture was my first point of contention: it tasted gritty and unpleasant, no doubt due to the hemp used to boost the protein content. If that wasn't bad enough the density was neither firm nor chewy but sort of soft and squidgy, because Primal Pantry have used coconut nectar as the sweetener and it didn't work well to hold the texture of the bar. On top of that, the espresso flavour was not a strong shot of the good stuff but instead tasted of cheap coffee.

Overall, I don't really care how much protein or caffeine this contains, those are just bonuses because the most important thing is the taste, and it just didn't deliver. Sorry Primal Pantry - as much as I liked your other bars this one really falls short.

Ingredients: Dates, hemp protein 26%, coconut nectar, almonds, coffee beans 5%, caffeine extract from coffee beans (0.18%).

Nutrition Information (per bar): 196 Calories, 4g Fat, 24g Carbohydrates, 21g Sugars, 3g Fibre, 15g Protein.

5 out of 10.


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