New Diet Coke Exotic Mango (UK)

diet coke exotic mango

It's not often that Coca Cola bring out a new flavour, so when they do it's always an occasion worth shouting about. The last one was when Vanilla Coke was brought back (wayyyy back in 2013 - it feels like only yesterday!). More recently we had a Pepsi Max Ginger variety, which is about as exotic as the cola world gets these days.

diet coke exotic mango

So it's quite exciting indeed that Coca Cola have gone for such a bold, fruity flavour to pair with Diet Coke - Mango!

diet coke exotic mango

I was super surprised to find this in Tesco Express recently, I had heard rumours about it on Instagram but thought it would take a while to make it here up North. I immediately bought a bottle, not really caring about the price (turns out it was £1.10).

diet coke exotic mango

I waited until I got home to try this just so I could drink it from my bona fide special Coca Cola glass:

diet coke exotic mango

It's described as "sparkling low calorie mango flavour soft drink with vegetable extracts and sweeteners" and the ingredients are pretty much fizzy water, flavourings and sweetener. It also contains caffeine.

Taking a sip, I immediately tasted the mango and it was quite strong albeit artificial. This quickly gave way to the standard diet coke taste. It was kinda pleasant and definitely makes a change from regular diet coke, with the flavours both fighting for attention as you sip it. I wouldn't say the flavours blend together perfectly but it's an interesting drink for sure.

Would I recommend this? Yes, since it's more interesting than a regular Diet Coke, but I can't see it sticking around though as it's not super special or "unique" enough but it's still a nice change. I imagine it will be popular in the Summer months.

Available at Tesco. 

Nutrition Information (per 100ml): 0.3 Calories, 0g Carbohydrates, 0g Sugars.

Ingredients: carbonated water, colour caramel E150d, phosphoric acid, sweeteners aspartame & acesulfame k, natural flavourings including caffeine, acidity regulator sodium citrate.

8 out of 10. 


  1. I do not like diet sodas, it's not as delicious as the regular type.
    But from this article maybe I should start trying to drink and like the kind of sugar zero.

  2. i also tried the mango coke,at first it seemed nice, but then halfway became disgusting to me.....and i had to almost freeze it to drink the rest,i dont recomened it at all, i mentioned it to a friend, who also hated it....

    swad ka nay andaz mango ras ke saath

  4. All information is very informative and certainly this information will be of benefit to those who love to travel and like to have exotic flavors.
    exotic pop


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