New M&S Blond Chocolate, Vegan Gianduja Bars & More! (Spotted In Shops)

M&S Swiss Blonde Chocolate

Another Spotted In Shops, and today it's the turn of M&S with some of their interesting new chocolates - first up one that will no doubt excite many, it's their new Blond Swiss Chocolate! It seems that 2018 is the year of blond chocolates, what with Nestle also selling their L'Atelier Blonde Hazelnuts & Almonds bar at Sainsbury's...I wonder how long until Cadbury's follow suit? (they recently launched a blonde chocolate called Cadbury's Caramilk in New Zealand and it looks amazing!).

marks spencer blonde chocolate

This M&S variety is made with caramelised sugar, cocoa butter, milk and dried whey...see the ingredients list above. Do want!

M&S are also doing some new filled bars such as this White Chocolate Cappuccino, with a creamy coffee ganache filling.

marks and spencer white chocolate cappuccino

Plus there's Milk Chocolate Stracciatella, with a creamy filling and dark chocolate pieces:

marks and spencer milk chocolate stracciatella

And this Italian White Chocolate with Whole Pistachios...

marks and spencer italian white chocolate with whole pistachio

And Italian Milk Chocolate with Whole Almonds:

M&S Milk chocolate with Whole Almonds

And something rather special since it's dairy free and suitable for vegans - this Italian Gianduja Bar, made with dark chocolate and whole hazelnuts!

marks and spencer italian gianduja bar

They're also doing some coated nuts, including Belgian Dark Chocolate Almonds, Milk Chocolate Almonds and Salted Caramel Covered Almonds!

marks and spencer belgian chocolate and salted caramel almonds

Plus this Marks and Spencer Luxury Chocolate Coated Fruit and Nut Selection which is "an assortment of delicious chocolate coated almonds and blackcurrants".

marks and spencer Luxury Coated Fruit and Nut Selection

There's also this new Swiss Chocolate Giandor bar, with a smooth creamy almond filling:

marks spencer Swiss Chocolate Giandor bar

Plus this Swiss Chocolate Chunky Triple Nut Milk Chocolate:

marks spencer Swiss Chocolate Chunky Triple Nut Milk Chocolate

And some new varieties of single origin Dark Chocolate, from this 71% Sao Tome Bar:

marks and spencer single origin sao tome

to this 71% Single Origin Madagascar Bar:

marks and spencer single origin madagascar

and also this 75% Single Estate Los Palmitos Bar:

marks and spencer los palmitos single estate

There's also some new "added superfood" bars, including this White Chocolate, Raspberry & Matcha Bar:

marks and spencer white chocolate raspberry matcha bar

Plus for a caffeine boost there's this Latte Coffee Kick Chocolate, made with coffee beans and "melts in the mouth like chocolate":

marks and spencer latte coffee kick bar

There's also a Turmeric Milk Chocolate bar in the range, plus these heatlhier filled bars...

M&S Coconut, Cashew & Pineapple bar coated in white chocolate:

marks and spencer coconut cashew pineapple bar

Plus a Date, Walnut and Pumpkin Seed Bar coated in milk chocolate:

marks and spencer date walnut pumpkin seed bar

As well as these treats M&S are also doing their usual yearly selection of wonderful Easter Eggs, but I will share those with you all in another post!

If you have tried any of these chocolates or would like to see any reviewed - do let me know in the comments!


  1. I'd like to see more on the latter two.

  2. Wow a nice sounding selection. What sort of prices were they?

    1. 60p for the smallest bars, £1.50 for gianduja and £2 for the filled bars.

  3. i had to look up what a blond chocolate means! but it looks amazing... considering my favourite chocolate is a white, it looks deceptively like an upgraded white chocolate that's prettier-looking. i'm still swooning over salted caramel things here (not that we are behind, i just love them so much still) so i'm pretty much ready to see this around the shops here in Bahrain!

    i cannot wait to visit my M&S! though i am sure they are behind on these trendy chocolates. white chocolate, rapsberry and matcha? why does it sound like to me they just tossed whatever ingredients they could find together? xxx

    - Sam Lupin

    1. Just had the blond marks bar today its gorgeous!


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