Nestle L'atelier Chocolates & Hazelnut Butterfinger Cups (Spotted In Shops)

nestle butterfinger hazelnut cups

Another Spotted In Shops quick post - this time for some new Nestle products gracing UK supermarkets!

First up, following on from the success of the Peanut Butter and Coconut Butterfinger Cups, Nestle have launched a Hazelnut version. So far they've only available in Asda.

Nestle Les Recettes de L'Atelier Blonde Roasted Almonds & Hazelnuts:
Nestle Les Recettes de L'Atelier Blonde Almonds & Hazelnuts

Nestle have launched their premium L'Atelier range exclusively into Sainsbiury's stores. This range has been very popular in various European countries so it seems Nestle are testing the waters over here. This blonde chocolate sure does sound tasty - but at £3.50 a block it ain't cheap! (though I have been told it's worth the price).

There's also this L'Atelier Blueberries, Almonds & Hazelnuts Dark Chocolate, available in smaller bars for £2:
L'atelier Blueberries, Almonds & Hazelnuts Dark Chocolate

Plus L'Atelier Orange Zest & Cacao Nibs Dark Chocolate:
L'atelier Orange Zest & Cacao Nibs Dark Chocolate

As well as L'Atelier Raisins, Almonds & Hazelnuts Milk Chocolate...
Nestle L'atelier Raisins, Almonds & Hazelnuts Milk Chocolate

Plus L'Atelier Roasted Almonds Dark Chocolate:
L'atelier Roasted Almonds Dark Chocolate

There's also a Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate bar in the range.

Have you tried any of these Nestle L'Atelier bars or the Hazelnut Cups? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Hey there. I saw these too. I'm sceptical re the blonde though. I reviewed one on my blog last year. If they are true blonde chocolates, they tend to be quite expensive, so it may be a bit more akin to a caramac (yum)... but who knows. I contacted Nestle for some details re the chocolate used, but got a wall of corporate protectionism, so if you try any, please let us know. You're right though - £3.50 is a bit steep. I'd be unlikely to pay this unless I know personally it was a good chocolate, which isnt always the case from the bigger brands (though throw me a KitKat Chunky ANY DAY! :-))

  2. It's nice to see dark chocolate with stuff added to it for once - I'm lactose intolerant so I get a wee bit jealous of all the Fruit & Nut etc. available, but there's nothing exciting for dark chocolate - but the feckers have put butterfat in this, damn you Nestle!!

  3. i love your spotted in the shops :) i've been following for some time but have been silent! i do not live in the UK, but we have many imported UK products here (i live in Bahrain)... and many UK products that i see in your spotted in the shop series i can find here eventually! (eventually being the key word).

    i haven't seen this chocolate series around here and probably won't! i would actually pay £3,5 for this any day... just for one, of course! i certainly wouldn't be happy if i tried one and it was subpar and i had 6 other variety bars in my house!! they look so good though! i wish they had more creativity with the blonde one. i would love someone to do something with white chocolate that isn't crammed with hazelnuts or strawberries!



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