M&S The White One Chocolate Bar Review

I've already tried The Milk One from Marks & Spencer so this time I thought I should go to the light side and try The White One...I've heard good things about this bar and wanted to see if it'd live up to my expectations. I do love a good quality white chocolate, though they're hard to find these days at a reasonable price.

This is described simply as a solid creamy white chocolate bar, abd is suitable for vegetarians. I paid around 30p for it reduced but it's usually around 60p (I think!)

The blocks have a curved design, similar to the one Cadbury Dairy Milk now use for their small bars. Each block has the M&S logo helpfully printed on, to make sure you know this isn't just any white chocolate, it's M&S white chocolate!

I have to say I was very impressed with this bar...the chocolate is the perfect balance of creamy, milky and sweet without being too sickly sweet (like Milkybar can be nowadays). I complained that The Milk One was rather boring, but this one is a total contrast (at least to my tastebuds). I'd happily buy one of these again instead of a Milkybar for a White choccy fix.

Overall, this is a pretty good quality white chocolate if you're after something creamy and not as sweet as Milkybar. You pay a bit more but it's worth it :)

8 out of 10. 


  1. I believe Thornton's make chocolate for M&S which may explain the clearance if the agreement is coming to an end since Ferrero acquired the Somercotes confectioner.


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