Hotel Chocolat Pecan Egglets in Caramel Review

In a recent offer from Hotel Chocolat I tried Supermilk 65 Popcorn, Strawberry Egglets, and also these Pecan Egglets. They're described as "Caramel pecan praline sealed in a high cocoa caramel chocolate shell". The caramel chocolate contains 65% cocoa solids.

I was curious how the taste of pecans would work paired with such a high cocoa chocolate. Turns out it's a delicious combination! The chocolate was of course rich and flavoursome, with Hotel Chocolat's usual high quality standards. The caramel added a comforting sweetness, which blended well with the pecan praline. The praline itself was very nutty and intense, with a strong pecan flavour. In fact it was almost too overpowering! Still very delicious though.

Overall, if you're a fan of pecan nuts then definitely check these out this Easter. Be warned though: they're intensely nutty!

RATING: 8 out of 10.

Suitable for vegetarians, contains milk, nuts & soya.


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