Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Sprinkles (Easter 2015) Review

There hasn't been much new to tempt me into blogging about Easter this year...but one product that caught my eye was Freddo Sprinkles. This has been brought out to replace the Dairy Milk Caramel Easter Bunnies (which were a favourite of mine over the last few years)...but apparently, they've fallen out of favour due to the success of their rival the Malteaster Bunny!

After reading reviews of Freddo Spinkles by fellow bloggers I wasn't expecting a lot from this, but nevertheless the inclusion of coloured sprinkles really excited me...I'm just a big kid at heart!

I paid 25p for one of these at Sainsbury's Express, which is a lot when you consider they were 10p back in the day. "What day?!", I hear you ask. Well it really wasn't that long ago folks! ;) Anyway, with the rising price of Freddos at least we're getting some new varieties.

The chocolate is classic Dairy Milk with coloured sugar strands added in, the kind you usually find on cupcakes. I wasn't expecting much taste-wise, but they had a rather pleasant, almost floral flavour, and gave a nice bit of crunch to the chocolate. The overall taste was comforting and not too bad at all.

Granted this Freddo could've been a bit more exciting...maybe some strawberry or other fruit flavours would have livened it up a bit, but I still found it more interesting than a regular plain Freddo. Overall, this is a decent little Easter novelty!

RATING: 7.5 out of 10. 

Price: 25p.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains dairy.

Have you tried Freddo Sprinkles? If so what did you think? 


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