Nestlé Quality Street Green Triangle Desserts Review

As well as the After Eight desserts I reviewed yesterday, I also picked up these new Quality Street Green Triangle desserts from Morrisons recently. They're described as "Creamy chocolate and hazelnut flavoured dessert" and are "inspired by" the hazelnut praline green triangles from Quality Street.

Unlike the After Eight desserts these don't contain two different layers, just hazelnut flavoured chocolate dessert. They come in pairs like the After Eight desserts, which is quite handy because I immediately opened the second pot after finishing the first one!

I enjoyed these a lot more than the After Eight desserts. They tasted very nutty and chocolatey and fitted the flavour of the Quality Street Green Triangle perfectly. They were very sweet though, and two small pots were enough to give me a nice sweet chocolatey hit.

Overall I thought these desserts were very nice, although they made me wish that Nutella did their own version. They'd surely be tastier by default since Nutella is the king of hazelnut flavoured chocolate, and probably far more indulgent. I'd still recommend these though if you like hazelnut flavoured stuff - they're pretty tasty for the price.

Price: £1 per 4-pack at Morrisons (current special offer).
Ingredients suitable for vegetarians?: No - contains gelatine.
Allergy Advice: Contains milk and soya.
Nutritional Information (per 70g pot): 153 Calories, 9.1g Fat (5.9g Saturates), 14.2g Carbohydrates (13.4g Sugars).


  1. Oooh these look good.

    As for the Nutella version, you could just take a spoon to a jar ;)

    Thanks for the review.

    1. I have done just that on several occasions. Plus it is a fact that Nutella goes with everything!
      I saw these and kept wondering whether to buy them or not but I might just have to give them a go now.


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