Pocky Choco Banana Review

I've seen an endless array of Pocky flavours in local Asian stores, as well as many other brands of similar biscuit sticks I've never heard of. Out of the many different flavours there this "Choco Banana" variety intrigued me the most. Unlike most varieties of Pocky that contain plain biscuit, these sticks are chocolate-flavoured, with a banana flavoured coating.

They were pretty tasty, the coating was very sweet and with a strong banana flavour, although it was a tad on the artificial side and a little waxy in texture. The chocolate sticks went well with it though and balanced out the sweetness, giving it a nice rich taste. They reminded me of the biscuit part of a bourbon cream.

Overall, I thought these Pocky Choco Banana were a good snack and certainly worth a try, although I'm not sure I'd buy them regularly.

For more Pocky reviews do check out Grocery Gem's reviews of their Mango Mousse and Coconut flavours, which sound ace!

There's also apparently some new Star Wars "Lightsaber" themed Pocky's! Check FoodJunk's review of them here!

Allergy Advice: Contains wheat and milk.
Ingredients: Suitable for vegetarians.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I've tried a banana Pocky before but it wasn't this Choco version, it had little dried banana bits in it aswell. I think they were the ones that started my Pocky obsession :)

    Anyway, I'll have to find these Choco Banana too!


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