Blast From The Past: Nestlé's Crazy Kitkat Flavours!

In the early-mid 2000's, Nestle UK went a bit mad and tried lots of different Kitkat flavours and varieties. I thought it'd be fun to compile a list to remember them by here. I plan on doing more features such as this in future as I love to reminisce over snacks that are long gone!

These Kitkats were all released over a period between around 2003/2004 until about 2006.

Kitkat Blood Orange (Halloween Limited Edition):

This had a blood orange flavour cream in-between the wafers. I don't remember it tasting anything special. The tagline was "Have many spooky breaks".

Kitkat Christmas Pudding (Christmas Limited Edition):

These were only available in multipacks and tasted horrible. The "christmas pudding" flavour was achieved through the use of artificial flavours and was very unpleasant.

Kitkat White Lemon and Yoghurt:

This was the first new Kitkat variety launched in the early 2000's and was expected to boost flagging sales of Kitkat, however it didn't seem to sell very well. The lemon and yoghurt filling was very nice as I recall, and had an almost "cheesecakey" sort of taste. It was very refreshing and light.

Kitkat Luscious Lime - available in 2004, I believe:

This one was quite tasty - a white chocolate coated Kitkat with lime flavour cream in-between the wafers. This was available at the same time as Lemon & Yoghurt which always struck me as a bit odd.

Kitkat Caramac:
This was one of the best limited edition Kitkat varieties Nestlé ever made. It was coated in a lovely butterscotch Caramac flavoured coating, quite different to a regular Caramac and actually much tastier. They were very moreish and I'm surprised they were discontinued!

Kitkat Editions Tiramisu:
Kitkat Editions contained a layer of gooey filling above the wafer, and this as one of my favourite varieties they did. It actually contained a small amount of marsala wine and mascarpone cream in the filling. Sadly it didn't last very long on shelves.

Kitkat Editions Mango & Passionfruit:
This was one of the more odder Editions flavours - the flavours didn't really go well with the chocolate at all, although I still liked this bar for its unique fruitiness.

Kitkat Editions Red Berry:
This contained a strawberry and raspberry flavour filling above the wafer. I don't remember it being all that special.

Kitkat Editions Seville Orange:
This contained a layer of sour-tasting seville orange, and I remember a lot of people at the time didn't like it much due to the bitterness. It tasted more like marmalade than sweet orange, but personally I loved it!

Kitkat Editions Golden Caramel:
This was a real treat indeed - a layer of gooey golden caramel sat above crunchy wafer. Nestle have never made one of these since, but they did release a Kitkat Chunky Caramel that contained a caramel flavour "paste" instead. It was nothing compared to this though - they should seriously bring these back!

Nestle even tried a Low-carb Kitkat during the Atkins diet craze!:
As well as all the above Kitkat varieties, Nestle brought out Kitkat Kubes, which were cube-shaped bite-size pieces of Kitkat. Despite them not selling very well they came in an array of different flavours. Nowadays we get Kitkat Pop Choc, which are a similar sort of thing.

Kitkat Kubes Cappuccino:

Kitkat Kubes Orange:

Kitkat Kubes Mint:

Regular Kitkat Kubes:

Well, that's enough nostalgia for one day! I hope you've enjoyed this little foray into Nestle's Kitkat Madness. Stay tuned for another Blast From The Past featuring other limited edition products Nestle have released in the past, including Irish Cream Rolos and Lemon Sorbet After Eights!

Can you remember any of these Kitkats? Did you try any? If so I'd love to hear your comments!


  1. Ah, fantastic! I love UK confectionery nostalgia, and there's a dearth of it online. Would love to see more posts like this! I loved the Red Berry Editions and the Luscious Lime.

  2. Jeez, sorry I missed these! If only I would've been in the UK sooner...It's a shame some of that riskier behavior seems gone from Nestle. Nice to see the older stuff though- great post!

    1. Thanks :) Yeah unfortunately after these flavours failed (infact Kitkat's market share shrunk even further during that period) Nestle started to play it safe. I guess the British market just wasn't ready!

  3. I don't remember many of these except maybe the orange and the editions, is it wrong that I want to try the christmas pudding one? Great article though I didn't realise Nestle had tried so many variations.

    1. Haha the xmas pudding one was truly awful! They should try it again but maybe add raisins or dried fruits to make it more realistic.

  4. Oh wow, I don't recognise these at all! Though I have a vague niggling sort of notion that I remember the Lemon and Yoghurt. I'd love to try it - and the Tiramisu and Cappuccino Kubes sound amazing! But I'm biased towards the hard to get coffee flavours.

    With the apparent rising popularity of people buying imported Kit Kat for new and interesting flavours, it'd be great if there was more diversity in the UK. It feels like the chocolate/biscuit category is really stagnant and uninteresting.

    I was also incredibly disappointed in the Chunky Caramel - I'd expected a gooey caramel, not the overpowering 'paste' they used. I've never bought one since and I'm a caramel lover!

    Thanks for the 'Blast from the Past' feature! Looking forward to the next one. =)

    1. Thanks :) I agree...there's very few interesting flavours in biscuits and wafers these days. I reckon there's room for a more "out there" Kitkat variety though, considering how popular Cadbury's Marvellous Creations range is becoming.

  5. Wow! I never even realised all these flavours were out back during those days... Must've not paid enough attention to Kit Kat back then :)

  6. I really don't remember any of these either. I obviously didn't eat as much chocolate in my younger days :)

    Very interesting stuff though and I hope that it serves as a reminder to Nestle that they used to be interesting when it came to Kit Kat flavours!

  7. Thanks SO much for posting this! I was beginning to wonder if my memory had been playing tricks on me.

    My aunty actually decided to buy me multipacks of several of these varieties instead of an Advent calendar one year. In fact, out of the more unusual flavours, I think the only one I never had was Mango & Passionfruit. I can't say I enjoyed them though, if I'm honest. I thought the Christmas Pudding one was minging (although I don't like it anyway!) and the Seville Orange one was quite bitter, if I remember correctly.

    I'd totally forgotten about the Kubes - they were great, although I didn't realise they were available in different varieties.

    1. Yes the xmas pud was awful wasnt it! I still remember how bad it tasted haha.

    2. Snap! There have been a few times over the years when I've remembered that flavour and felt slightly queasy at the thought.

  8. I don't remember any of these sadly except for the Kubes. I bet the Lemon and Yogurt one was awesome though. It does make me sad that we don't seem to get these exciting things very often any more because I never used to be a massive fan of Kit Kats when I was younger. But these days I love Kit Kats so I feel like I've missed out big time :(

  9. I know you can get some weird flavors, some which are in this post from Japan and China through eBay. I'm curious to try some of the more unusual tastes like Wasabi green tea

  10. I remember all of these! I actually really liked the Christmas pudding one haha. I tried the Editions once twice and both times I got heartburn. The one and only chocolate that ever did that. Weetabix aside, I don't usually have any reactions like that to any food. I'm a human dustbin I suppose, haha.


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