Nestle Oh Henry! Candy Bar Review

My local Tesco Express recently reduced some of their American snacks to clear, one of them being this Nestle Oh Henry!'s one I've never tried before so I thought I should (in the name of snacks science, of course). I'm always wary of some American chocolate bars, especially the Nestle ones as they're often lacklustre. I don't know why...maybe it's the fake chocolate, or reliance on corn syrup, but they're never as exciting as they sound on paper.

This one was described as peanutty caramel fudge bars in milk chocolate. Sounds yum, right!

Opening the pack, there were two pieces, with a faintly chocolatey and peanutty aroma.

I took a bite, and was met with super sweet caramel fudge, not the buttery sort but the "corn syrup" caramel found in a lot of American snacks. It's not really true fudge but more of a very sweet nougat. The peanuts rounded things off and added a nice savory flavour to the whole thing. It reminded me of a Cadburys Star Bar...not quite as good, but it definitely had a similar thing going on.

Overall, this isn't a bad bar of chocolate but it's not something I'd seek out again. It's very sweet and I guess it's just different to what we're used to here.

7.5 out of 10.


  1. In a complete reversal of the Kit-Kat and Rolo situation, the Canadian Oh Henry! is made by Hershey and the US version is Nestle. Hershey do a much better job in Canada distributing the bar as it's everywhere over there whereas it's availability in the US is rather spotty, certainly where I am in California anyway.

    1. Thanks for the info..that is an odd situation indeed, I can imagine a Hershey version being nicer since they're pretty good in general.


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