The Co Op Loved By Us Hazelnut Latte Fruit And Nut Mix

After reading One Treat aka Marmey's review of this special fruit and nut mix from The Co Op, I decided I just had to try it...I'm a big coffee lover and am yet to find a good coffee and chocolate combo. But the search continues...and this fruit and nut mix may just be the answer! These cost £1 for a 50g bag in The Cop and are suitable for vegetarians as well as gluten free.

The mixture is made up of raisins, roasted hazelnuts, coffee flavour milk chocolate buttons, and plain chocolate coated coffee beans. And it's a winning combination! It's just the right amount of differing flavours and textures; there's the creamy coffee flavoured buttons, which are probably better than most coffee flavoured chocolates I've tried - not too bitter and not too sweet, the richer coffee beans with their intense roasted coffee flavour, and the welcoming nuttiness from the hazelnuts, all finished off with some sweet fruity bursts from the raisins.

This is a surprisingly effective combination...who needs sugar bombs like Revels when there's something like this that's both tastier and healthier! 

8.5 out of 10.


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