The Co Op Truly Irresitible Sea Salted Caramel Ice Cream

It's summer, which means it's supposed to be ice cream season...yet in true British style the weather has been constantly changeable and you need a brolly with you just in case of a downpour. Still...that doesn't mean we can't enjoy ice cream right?!

I found this Truly Irresisible Sea-Salted Caramel with Cornish sea salt in The Co Op when it was on offer for around £ contains ripples of salted caramel sauce running through caramel ice cream, which contains West Country whole milk and double cream.

It was a very rich and creamy ice cream, with plenty of salted caramel goodness. This doesn't skimp on the salt yet it isn't too overpowering's got the balance just right. It's a very moreish ice cream, rich and creamy, and could just about rival the big boys of the ice cream world like Haagen Dazs.

Overall, a very tasty ice cream, look out for these on the inevitable special offers over the next few months. The Co Op also do some interesting ice cream varieties like Colombian Coffee, Rhubarb and Ginger and Lemon Curd...I'd love to try the Coffee one!

8 out of 10.


  1. Ohhhh the rhubarb and ginger one sounds absolutely divine, I'd love to see a review of it please! Rhubarb is my fave and we don't have the Co-Op over the sea here so I'll have to live my ice cream dreams through your blog!!!

  2. Co op stuff is usually pretty good and nice to see them using good old West Country milk and full on double cream

  3. I am currently not very mobile and asked a friend to pick me up some ice cream. One of the tubs he got was the co op venezuelan chocolate and at first before trying it I was disappointed because I don't like chocolate ice cream, even though I adore chocolate. I find chocolate ice cream always very disappointing as it either lacks flavour or is too bitter but the venezuelan chocolate was divine, lovely flavour, not too sweet, not bitter and the smoothest ice cream I have ever tried. I just wish our local Co op's carried all their flavours to try especially the salted caramel but alas they don't so I shall have to wait till next time I visit my daughter England to try some. I eat ice cream no matter what month it is, or how cold the weather gets, ever since I first started craving it during my pregnancy, 21 years ago! Before then I very rarely ate ice cream and even then it would have to be a whippy 99 with the flake on a blistering hot day. In hospital my nickname was Mrs Davidson due to the amount of local Davidson's ice cream I used to eat. Quite often I had very little appetite during my 14 week stay but the staff could always tempt me to eat the ice cream.

  4. The salted caramel is the most fabulous icecream. Its soooo delicious. Creamy with swirls of caramel sauce inside it. Honestly adore this icecream co-op are now totally responsible for me being totally addicted to this and the weight gain! Lol! Best salted icecream EVER!!


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