Doritos B: Ultimate Cheeseburger & #DestroyDoritos Competition

Doritos B Ultimate Cheeseburger

I'm not usually one to eat Doritos these days, but this mysterious black bag with Doritos B printed on it lured me in when I spotted it in Asda the other day. It's "Ultimate Cheeseburger" flavour, and Doritos are doing a competition where you have to decide which flavour you want destroyed forever. The winning idea gets £20,000. Flavour A is Spicy Salsa, which I reckon I'll be voting to destroy forever, since Flavour B is actually quite yummy...

Doritos ultimate cheeseburger

These are £1 in Asda at the moment, but snap them up quickly because they were going like hot cakes when I was there. The Spicy Salsa variety in particular was disappearing fast! Unlike the Spicy Salsa variety, these ones do not contain MSG in the ingredients, which I prefer since MSG gives me headache. They contain whey powder and spices instead, to give it that cheeseburger flavour.

Doritos ultimate cheeseburger

Like all Doritos, they're very moreish of course, and once I started eating it was very hard to stop! The cheeseburger flavour is subtle but definitely has that combination of beef and artificial cheese as well as relish going on. It's hard to describe really, but it's very tasty especially if you like cheese burgers. There isn't actually any meat in the ingredients so fear not if you're vegetarian, you can still enjoy these.

Well, what can I say, it's Doritos with a fancy new flavour, I enjoyed this one the most so I'll be voting to #DestroyDoritosA...I'm not quite sure how yet, but I'm sure there's a suitable family friendly way to do so!

8.5 out of 10. 

What will you vote for? #DestroyDortitosA or #DestroyDortitosB? 
(yes, it is acceptable to use #hashtags in sentences's 2016, enjoy it while you can!)


  1. Salsa is for dipping or popping in a fajita not flavouring a crisp! I've always wondered what the Pringles cheeseburger would be like. Xx

  2. I did it and if you email me ( louisenorthxo ) then I will send you the video xo

  3. Bag B is absolutely disgusting it just tastes like salted picked gherkins, not tried the salsa yet but it can't get worse than the terrible burger.

  4. B is disgusting, tastes like mustard.


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