Mrs Crimble's Gluten Free Classic French Madeleines

Being gluten free, it's hard to find good gluten free cakes, but luckily the choices are slowly expanding. One new gluten free product I've been itching to try are these "Authentically French Classic Madeleines" from Mrs Crimble's, who are perhaps better known for their Coconut Macaroons.

These come in both classic and chocolate varieties, and are available in Tescos Free From aisles for around £2. I didn't fancy paying that much for them, but when they appeared on a local market stall for only 69p I really couldn't say no!

The Madeleines are individually wrapped, making them perfect to take out and about for a quick snack.

Opening the wrapper, it had a nice fresh, vanilla cakey aroma. I couldn't wait to eat one with a cuppa!

I took a bite...the cake is very nice, with a fresh vanilla hinted flavour - you can tell this is an authentic Madeleine recipe. However what let it down was the dryness of the first it's not too noticeable, but after chewing it for a while it becomes quite evident. I don't know if that's due to these being gluten free or if they were slightly spoiled, but it did take away my enjoyment of them.

Overall, it's nice to see some gluten free cakes like this, but personally I won't be buying these again as they're a bit too dry. I'll stick to Mrs Crimbles Macaroons instead!

7 out of 10. 


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