Polo Sugar Free Extra Strong Mints Review

I was recently offered to review the new Extra Strong Sugar Free Polos, and as I haven't had Polos in years I thought why not...I'm always trying to reduce my sugar intake so I can't pass up a new sugar free product!

I was sent some regular Sugar Free Polos as well as the Extra Strong for comparison purposes. Those tasted just as I remember; a pleasant sweet minty flavour that is all too easy to eat too many of. Which you wouldn't want to do, since eating too many has "unintended effects", and you all know what I mean...

The Extra Strong ones definitely had an edge over the regular variety, they were a lot bolder in their minty flavour, very strong indeed. These are sweetened with sorbitol, a type of polyol sweetener. I did like these but to be honest, sugar free mints annoy me simply because they'e so addictive and easy to mindlessly suck on all day...yet the "unintended effects" of the sweeteners mean you have to be careful of doing just that.

Overall, these are nice mints and a good alternative if you need to avoid the sugar...just be careful of eating too many!

7.5 out of 10. 


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