Nakd Peanut Delight Bar Review

Nakd Wholefoods have released three new bars onto the healthy snacks market, one being the Carrot Cake Limited Edition I reviewed yesterday, and the others being Apricot Crunch (I'm yet to find!) and this, Peanut Delight. Like all Nakd bars it's vegan and paleo friendly, as well as gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, raw and vegetarian. This bar contains 149 calories, 7.5g fat and 14.6g carbs (13.6g of which is sugars). The bars cost 75p in Asda's Free From sections.

Unlike most Nakd bars, this doesn't contain cashew nuts as one of the main ingredients...instead it contains...can you guess?...go on, try!

Peanuts of course! Yes, surprisingly this Peanut Delight bar contains peanuts as the only nut ingredient (which technically isn't actually a nut...but let's not go there!) as well as dates, sea salt and a hint of mysterious, unspecified natural flavouring.

Now I'm a big lover of all things peanutty, so I had high expectations of this from the get go. But sadly, it wasn't quite what I'd hoped and expected. It's a nice enough bar, with plenty of chunky peanutty goodness, but somehow it doesn't blend very well with the dates...the flavours clash. I wanted to like it, I really did...but it just wasn't working for me. I can't help but think using some actual peanut butter might have been nicer, but I'm guessing that since Nakd bars are "raw" and never heated, they used unroasted peanuts...which let's be honest, don't taste as nice, even if they're healthier.

Overall, I was very surprised this bar wasn't as great as I'd expected; I enjoyed the Carrot Cake one a lot more, but in hindsight I can see why this was never going to live up to my expectations - raw peanuts just don't taste that nice. Who agrees? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

7 out of 10.


  1. Oh noooo. Raw peanuts are pretty pointless unless it's peanut butter obvs that's quite an integral part! Xx

    1. Agreed Nibs! I've never understood why regular peanuts even exist apart from to be turned into PB haha xx

  2. Aw no such a shame that this didn't live up to how good it sounds! I fear I will also be disappointed when I try it :(

    1. Do let me know what you think! Maybe I'm being fussy just wasn't the peanutty hit I'd hoped for.

  3. I didn't think peanuts were part of paelo?

    the chocolate ones are still my favourite. I've been having nakd bars for years and years, since before the gluten free ones they've come so far!

  4. Ironically I actually preferred this bar to the carrot cake one. I thought it was amazingggg. But I've got quite a sweet tooth

  5. I also enjoy anything peanut-y... but I had no expectations as it was a surprise addition to my lunch box (which is all fruit these days :-().. I loved it - so I think the problem is your expectations ran wildly out of control in advance.... a bit like the girl you've been schmoozing for weeks who finally gives in and you discover the well-supported wonderbra she sports... she's still lovely and she's still shapely but there's something disappointing you nonetheless - and it's probably due to the expectations you built up in advance.


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