Tesco Honey Caramel Chocolates

After Easter, Tesco reduced a boatload of their Easter eggs and amongst them were these Tesco Honey Caramel Chocolates. I've been curious about them ever since I saw them, but with an RRP of £4 I decided not to bother! Luckily these were reduced to just £1 so I couldn't say no to that!

They're described as "Honey flavoured smooth caramel in a yellow shell with dark chocolate decoration". I think the yellow shell is meant to be some type of white chocolate although it doesn't state specifically on the ingredients.

When I bit into one of these I was amazed at just how strong the honey flavour was...it was like eating pure honey rather than caramel! I didn't enjoy it to be honest, I was expecting more emphasis on the caramel with an aftertaste of honey, but the honey was forefront in the flavour here. Just too intense for me.

Overall, I'm glad I didn't pay £4 to try these but even at £1 they're not something I'd try again. They're super sweet and sickly and just taste too strongly of honey.

6 out of 10. 


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