M&S Spirit of Summer White Chocolate Pineapple Pieces with Coconut, Chilli & Popping Candy

Marks and Spencer spirit of summer white chocolate pineapple pieces

When I first saw this new product in M&S's Spirit of Summer range I was very excited..."pineapple and white chocolate, what a unique combination!", I thought. Until I read the small print, and my excitement turned to sadness. That's because not only does this contain interesting additions such as coconut and popping candy...but chilli too. Urgh! What were M&S thinking, ruining an otherwise tasty product with chilli?!

I point blank refused to buy it. Then a few days passed...my curiosity started nagging at me...someone on Instagram said it doesn't taste too bad...so finally I decided I had to try it, if only to find out what pineapple, chilli, coconut, popping candy and white chocolate would taste like mixed together. And I'm glad I did!

M&S spirit of summer white chocolate pineapple pieces

Although this wasn't as great as it could have been because of the chilli...it's still a very tasty and moreish snack!

M&S spirit of summer white chocolate pineapple pieces

The pineapple chunks are all differently sized, there was a nice mix of both smaller and larger pieces, with the red specks of chilli visible in the white chocolate coating.

Taking a bite, the first thing I noticed was the popping candy...it wasn't too strong but gave a nice subtle fizzing sensation; quite mild and pleasant. Then there was the creaminess of the white chocolate, which was lovely combined with the dessicated coconut, and the fruity chewiness of the pineapple. Then there was the chilli. It's very noticeable, but not horrible...it gives a spicy aftertaste, but I couldn't help think "what's the point?!". These would be so much nicer without it! As they stand these are a moreish, sweet, creamy and unique snack...they're worth buying just for the pineapple, white chocolate, popping candy and coconut combo. But the chilli? I've said this before but..M&S are such trolls!

Overall, this is a unique and tasty snack, definitely worth a try but M&S need to make these without the chilli in!

8 out of 10.


  1. These sound utterly divine - think I'm going to make a trip to M+S this weekend!

  2. I agree about the chilli. I'm not a fan of the sweet and spicy combination. I've got them to try and haven't opened them yet but think I'll feel the same that they would be so much nicer without it. :(

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  4. The chilli is too strong. I find that if you dig out the chilli with your fingernail and eat the rest then they are quite nice.

    Not sure that fingernail exercise is what I look for in a confection though

  5. Totally amazing, just wish they were easier to find! I search every M&S I go into in the hope that they will,have some. They are awesome!!


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