Magnum Chocolate Almond Truffle Bar

As well as Magnum Chocolate Thins, WH Smiths are also selling these new "Chocolate Almond" Magnum bars, which consist of milk chocolate, white chocolate and a chocolate almond truffle filling. I spotted them near the tills and one bar cost me 75p which isn't that cheap, but still, I wanted to try them in the name of Snacks Science!

Magnum chocolate almond bar

It seems that the Snacks Warrior isn't the only one attracted to my hands...look at that Pidgie eyeing me up!

Taking a bite (of the chocolate, not the pidgie!), I found it wasn't quite as I expected. There's an outer milk chocolate layer with almond pieces, followed by a white chocolate inner layer, and a filling of almond chocolate truffle. It tasted very pleasant and creamy, but it wasn't particularly "almondy". I can't help but think a hazelnut praline would have worked better, but I suppose that's been done a thousand times before (although "a classic never dies", as they say!)

Overall, this is a tasty enough truffle bar, but it's not something I would pay 75p for again. Like I said in yesterday's review of the Espresso Thins, I'd recommend the Magnum Signature bars instead, they're better value for money.

7.5 out of 10. 


  1. Pity they're not as good as they sound Kev, the description sounds sublime! I wonder who makes the magnum chocolates?

    1. I think it may be Kinnerton chocolates...I'm going to have to check the wrapper if I still have it.

  2. 75p is pretty expensive for just an impulse chocolate bar like that!! It does look quite different to how I was expecting too. I may still give one a go if I see one out and about but shame they weren't amazing


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