Innocent Bubbles Tropical Fruit & Spring Water

Whilst in need of refreshment at Sainsnburys recently, I spotted this new fizzy spring water and fruit juice drink from Innocent. Innocent are of course most well-known for their smoothies, which have fallen out of fashion with the public a bit recently, so it seems healthier versions of sparkling drinks is the new "in thing". This is a good thing really, since smoothies are a bit heavy on both the calories and fruit sugars, nutritious or not. What they've done here is mix fruit juices with carbonated spring water in a ratio that makes it flavoursome but not overly sugary.

There were certainly a LOT of bubbles when I poured this into a glass, so they've got the name right. It was like the top of a pint of beer! Eventually they went down a bit and I could finally take a swig. This is a very refreshing drink indeed, not too sweet or sour, not overly fizzy or watery either (despite the bubbles), overall it's just about right and is very thirst quenching. The tropical flavour is lovely with a citrusy orange tang and sweet pineapple edge. I really enjoyed it!

Overall, a refreshing drink from Innocent that isn't as heavy-going as their smoothies. I'd recommend these.

8 out of 10.


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