Lusette Wafers & Win a Hamper!

Lusette nougat

I was recently contacted by Halusky, an import foods company specializing in Czech and Slokak products, who are releasing a new range of wafers called Lusette in the UK. I've seen a lot of their products in local stores before, so I was excited about this, only one problem: I can't eat gluten! So todays review is based on opinions of a friend who tried these wafers on my behalf.

Lusette Nougat: 
The above pictured bar contains some type of nougat Creme filling, which is slightly chewy and very creamy, working well against the crunchy wafers and creamy milk chocolate. A bit different for a wafer bar and very tasty with a cup of coffee!

Lusette chocolate

Lusette Chocolate: 
This variety has a very rich and dense chocolate Creme filling, making it very satisfying and almost like a dessert in itself. Very tasty! Again, perfect with coffee.

Lusette platinum

Lusette Platinum: 
This wafer contains chopped nuts mixed into the chocolate coating and filling, giving it a lovely crunch and making it almost like a Ferrero Richer wafer. Very yummy!

Lusette milk

Lusette Milk:
This one contains a thick milk cream filling, which is very creamy indeed but nicely balanced by the milk chocolate coating and wafer. It's a real treat and a lot more satisfying than some UK wafer brands like Blue Riband for example.

Overall, this range of Lusette wafers seem to be on pretty top form, certainly better than the average UK supermarket brand wafer. If you're partial to a good wafer do check out Halusky's Website  for the entire range. They have some pretty interesting chocolate bars on there too, including the tasty Studentska Pecet bars I've previously reviewed!

There's also a Survey from Halusky here about wafer products, the first 50 people to fill it in will receive a FREE hamper of products! Get cracking! (Halusky are looking for respondents particularly in the London area).


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