Orion Choco Boy - Mushroom-shaped Cookie Snacks Review!

The Chinese do love their crazy themed snacks. I've seen plenty of oddities in my local China Town, from "Wife Biscuits" (are they made of wife or for your wife?), to "Boy Bawang", "Ding Dong" (a catchphrase often used in the old Carry On films), and "Hot Kid Milk".

When I saw these similarly zany Choco Boy cookie/biscuit snacks, I couldn't resist reviewing them. The box design looks vaguely psychedelic, with the "boy" wearing a mushroom shaped hat...or is he meant to be a mushroom? I'm not sure, but it's trippy stuff indeed!

Opening the box revealed a packet of crunchy cookie sticks with milk chocolate tops - the cookie is supposed to be the "stalk" part of the mushroom and the chocolate is supposed to be the...er...head bit. They looked really cool and very unique - I've never seen a snack quite like these before.

They tasted very moreish - the cookie had a pleasantly sweet, vanilla-hinted flavour, whilst the milk chocolate was just standard milk chocolate - nothing amazing, but certainly not bad either. As a snack the combination worked really well and I found them very addictive - it was easy to get through most of the pack without realizing it. I did feel a bit weird munching on what amounts to chocolate biscuit mushrooms though!

Overall, I think Choco Boy are an interesting and unique snack, the like of which we'd never see from any UK manufacturer. If you happen to see these and fancy something a bit "different" for your snacking purposes, you can't go wrong giving them a try. Just don't blame me if people give you funny looks for eating them in public!

Note: These are actually made in Russia but imported to China and other countries, so they must be quite popular!

Price: About 69p for a 45g box.
Allergy Information: Contains wheat gluten, soya and milk. May contain nuts.
More Infohttp://en.orionworld.ru/chocoboy.html


  1. These are so cute! Love novelty stuff like this.

  2. LOL!! Don't think I would eat these in public, hehe.

  3. from what i know it's originally from South Korea.. :)


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