New! Butterkist Productions Toffee Popcorn Ice Cream Review

A tub of popcorn flavoured ice cream with popcorn and crunchy toffee pieces plus toffee sauce

I was really excited to find this new Butterkist Toffee Popcorn flavour ice cream in Tesco recently. I've never tried a popcorn flavoured ice cream before, despite always being curious about the Heston Blumenthal Salted Caramel Popcorn version from Waitrose.

The description on the tub reads "Butterkist Productions are proud to present to you our delicious toffee popcorn flavour ice cream, made using our safely guarded popcorn recipe combined with soft ice cream, smooth toffee sauce and crunchy toffee pieces." It cost £3 - I'm not sure if this is an introductory price or the regular price, but I would recommend grabbing some ASAP regardless, because this is a fantastic ice cream flavour and just as good as anything from Ben and Jerry's or Haagen Daz! 

The Butterkist logo really intrigued me - it says Butterkist Productions Estd 1914 Indianpolis. A little research (thanks, wikipedia!) revealed that the Butterkist name originates from a Kentucky-based popcorn machine business which started in 1914. The machines made their way into the UK via an unknown route and the brand went on to become established as the UK's most popular popcorn.

Interesting huh? Ok, history lesson over...onto the ice cream!

A tub of popcorn flavoured ice cream with toffee sauce, popcorn and crunchy caramel pieces

Opening the tub revealed a beige-coloured ice cream with some toffee sauce on one side:

A tub of popcorn flavoured ice cream with toffee sauce, popcorn and crunchy toffee pieces

Scooping some into a bowl revealed pieces of popcorn and toffee chips immersed in the icecream, as well as several swirls of toffee sauce. It was a bit melted from my trip home from Tesco but this didn't bother me, in fact I prefer icecream slightly melted as the flavour is better plus it avoids the horrible "brain freeze" phenomenom!

A tub of popcorn flavoured ice cream with toffee sauce, popcorn and crunchy toffee pieces

The ice cream tasted fantastic; it was very creamy and had a realistic buttery popcorn flavour. This surprised me because I wouldn't have imagined popcorn working as an ice cream flavouring, but Butterkist have recreated the flavour fantastically. It gave me all the warm happy feelings of cinema popcorn but with the added bonus of creamy ice cream. It's the best of both worlds really, and I certainly wouldn't hesitate to take a tub of this to the cinema instead of real popcorn!

A tub of popcorn flavoured ice cream with toffee sauce, popcorn and crunchy toffee pieces

The actual popcorn pieces were nice, although there weren't many of them and they were a bit soft, which I guess is inevitable since they're mixed with ice cream. The toffee pieces added a nice crunch which went well with the other components. The toffee sauce was sweet and buttery but there wasn't nearly enough of it for my liking...just a few swirls which kind of got lost in the ice cream.

A tub of popcorn flavoured ice cream with toffee sauce, popcorn and crunchy toffee pieces
A whole piece of popcorn!
Minor complaints aside, I thought this was a delicious ice cream that recreates the flavour of toffee popcorn surprisngly well. It brings you the best of both worlds - the comforting flavour of cinema popcorn combined with the creaminess of icecream. It does make me wonder though what Butterkist's "secret" recipe is if they can use their popcorn as a legitimate flavouring. Maybe we'll see a whole array of popcorn-flavoured goodies from them in the future? I certainly hope so!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.

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Price: £3 per 480ml tub at Tesco.
Suitable for vegeterians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains milk, soya. May contain nuts.
Nutrition Information (per 100ml): 177 Calories, 8g Fat.
Made by: Fredericks Dairies under license from Butterkist.


  1. I'm not sure if I like the idea of a popcorn ice cream but it does look very interesting!

  2. Oh goodness me, I want! This looks absolutely amazing, so jealous! Great review as always :)

  3. This sounds better than the Heston one I reviewed a little while back and I know Mr Review Addict would love this, hope I can track it down.

  4. This evening i was in the very same situation at Tesco. When i spied the butterkist popcorn icecream hiding on the bottom shelf of the freezer I instantly gave up the oreo icecream in my basket and exchanged it for this much more intriguing new blend.
    After trying a bowl of the ice cream my thoughts were very mixed so i thought i would have a look on the infamous www for other peoples thoughts. I think your review is pretty much spot on.. it's a really beautiful flavour, lacking in toffee pieces and swirls no doubt about that and the popcorn pieces are really really soft which as you say is probably always going to be the case. So in my opinion the butterkist folk should remove the actual popcorn pieces from the recipe and add more toffee pieces and toffee swirls. The popcorn flavour of the icecream is pretty strong and the actual soft pieces of popcorn are really horrible so should be taken out. Would you agree that would be an improvement?

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