Moo Free Organic Choccy Chums

Moo free Choccy chums

If you’re dairy free or vegan it sure is difficult to find a decent version of milk chocolate, but thankfully many brands have been busy creating some tasty options. One of them is Moo Free who make a variety of vegan products including Easter Eggs, Bunnies and these new Choccy Chums bars. They’re available from Asda for just over 50p in the Free From section and come with a surprise design’ll get either Lilly Lu Lemur or Mikey Bunny.

Moo free Choccy chums

I got Mikey Bunny, which is of course very fitting for the Easter season! It’s a nice design which will surely appeal to kids. The chocolate is really tasty, sweet and smooth and I like the thin design of it with the chunkier central bunny bit. I often buy two of these bars when going to Asda as one is just never enough.

Overall, these are some pretty tasty dairy free chocolates that I’d recommend if you’re vegan or dairy free.

8 out of 10.


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