Ilchester Light Cheese Selection

Ilchester Light cheese

Low fat high protein products are all the rage right now, and to that end Ilchester (makers of that famous Cheese Advent Calendar!) have brought out a Light Cheese Selection net, with 30% less fat and 66 calories per serving. There's three individually wrapped snack sized portions of Creamy Ilchester Light Cheese, Smoky Applewood Light Cheese and Fiery Mexicana Light Cheese in the net. They're available from Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda stores. 

Ilchester light cheese

From the press release: “Perfect for popping in the office fridge, just grab a delicious morsel when an afternoon pick me up is needed, satisfying those pre dinner hunger pangs, or even pairing with a picnic, the Ilchester Light snacking Net is great for any snacking occasion - grab an apple and cheesy portion and steer clear of the treat cupboard”.

Ilchester Light cheese

From Left to Right: Creamy Light, Smoky Applewood and Fiery Mexicana.

Ilchester Light cheese

Starting with the creamy light, this is a soft mild cheese that is pretty much as described - creamy and light tasting, giving a nice hit of cheese flavour without leaving you feeling like you’ve overdone it. A good snack to go with your lunch time sandwiches and/or salad!

The smoky applewood is similar but with a smoked flavour, that unlike other smoked cheeses doesn’t leave a burnt aftertaste.

The Fiery Mexicana was the standout - if you like spicy flavours this is for you! Whilst the cheese is light the spices elevate the flavour and make it super tasty. Perfect for a healthier flavoursome snack. As a fan of jalanepno pepper I loved it!

Overall, this is a nice selection of healthier cheeses that although they’re light, they don’t skimp on flavour. If you’re watching your fat or calories I would recommend giving them a try. Find them in Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda stores.



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