Cadbury Bournville Giant Buttons

One product a lot of people have been highly anticipating since their announcement this year has been these new Bournville Giant Buttons from Cadbury. Why you ask? Simply because they’re suitable for vegans and dairy free and the first widely available chocolate buttons of this type. Disclaimer: although dairy free they’re made in an environment with dairy so may not be suitable if you have a dairy allergy. There’s no warning about containing nuts so they appear to be safe for those with Nut allergies.

These cost £1.50 a bag, currently only available in Sainsbury’s but I’m sure more stores will sell them soon (I’ll keep you updated). I think they’re a bit overpriced for 110g of chocolate but I guess people will pay it since they’re dairy free.

Described as “smooth dark chocolate Giant Buttons with a distinctively chocolatey Bournville taste”, they have a somewhat dusty and scuffed appearance as chocolate buttons tend to.

I tried making little stacks of them (channeling Eat Explore again!) and somewhat succeeded - they didn’t topple! Of course it was much easier using two fingers though...

They taste as you’d expect - like Bournville chocolate! I liked them, they’re rather munchable and cure a sweet craving, but they’re not the best quality around let’s be real. I’m sure the palm oil has made them more waxy than Bournville used to be, but as a dairy free mass produced option, I guess they’re the best we can expect. An orange variety would be nice...since they now produce an orange Bournville bar it’s not too much of a stretch!

If you want to pay a bit more for something better  there’s always Montezuma’s Dark Buttons, which are a similar thing but obviously higher quality (and more cocoa solids!). You can usually get them for £2 on special offer at Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose and WH Smith sell them too.



  1. Dearer but available in lots of supermarkets, their precursor:


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