Karma Bites Coconut, Wasabi and Peri Peri Popped Lotus Seeds

Many thanks to Karma Bites for sending me some of their “popped lotus seeds” snacks to review recently. I’ve tried some of their range before but this time they sent the Coconut, Vanilla & Cinnamon, Wasabi and Peri Peri varieties. I was very excited! The packaging has had a refresh and looks very nice indeed, and the health credentials are highlighted on the front- these snacks are high protein, low fat, gluten free, and vegan. They’re also nut free, so they’re covering all main allergy bases, hurrah!

I’ve said it before but lotus seeds have a unique taste that you’ll either like or you won’t. It’s hard to describe exactly. They remind me of a healthier version of popcorn in texture.

The coconut flavour were my favourites, they have a nice creamy taste thanks to the coconut milk powder used on them, and are pleasingly sweet. I didn’t notice the cinnamon but the vanilla flavour blended well with the creamy coconut.They’re highly moreish too and I ended up munching through quite a lot at once, but they’re also weirdly satisfying, probably more so than popcorn is. Maybe because of the protein?

The wasabi ones were HOT! Now I’m a little sensitive to mustard spices so these made my eyes water a little, but I still loved them, they’re very addictive and moreish but I guess whether they’re worth the intense flavour depends on you. 

The Peri Peri were again spicy but in a more tolerable way - they didn’t make my eyes water at least. They have a nice chilli flavour that’s tasty but are quite hot, so you won’t want to overdo them. 

All in all, these are some great flavours from Karma Bites and I like how unique popped lotus seeds are - if you have various allergies I’d say these are worth a try. I hope to see them more widely available in future!

For now you can buy them from Karma Bites Karma Shop:



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