Milka Confetti

Milka confetti

I do love it when a new Milka variety is brought to the UK, and luckily Home Bargains recently brought out a whole new range in their stores. It includes large "Mmax" bars with Hazelnuts, as well as the smaller Caramel, Noisette and White Chocolate bars (do check out my reviews of the latter two). Since I've never tried it before I had to give the Confetti variety a go - it's Milka chocolate with basically mini Smarties embedded in it - a simple, but often tasty combination.

Milka confetti

I have to say the bar certainly looks the part - with the cross sections showing the colourful candies embedded within.

Milka confetti

How does it taste though, is the most important question right?

Milka confetti

Well I don't know what went wrong with these bars but unfortunately this was pretty lacklustre. The milk chocolate tastes a little cheap and dare I say, waxy, with the mini Smarties candies adding virtually nothing to enhance the bar. They're mildly crunchy but not particularly so, and just seem rather pointless overall. The ingredients list hazelnuts and I could just about taste some hints of them but they were mostly lost in the chocolate.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty poor tasting bar especially as I've come to expect better from Milka. Maybe it's one of the cheaper bars they make for other markets (I've been told that German Milka is higher quality than that made in other countries for example), and is reflected in the taste. I just found this very cheap tasting - it's not one I would buy again.



  1. i was tempted to get one of these at home bargains yesterday but i went for te milka jaffa cakes instead... and then ate the whole packet.. doh. diet starts tomorrow. its interesting that they make chocolate different for different markets. the last few times i went to the states about 5 years ago, Dairy Milk had started to pop up (not imported stuff, as i think they had started to prohibit that) and I'm pretty sure it was rubbish.


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