Tesco Finest Pigs in Blankets Crisps

All the festive crisps are out in shops right now, and there's everything from the unusual such as Rum & Cocoa flavour to the more ordinary Salt & Vinegar, then there's Christmas staples turned into crisp form, such as these Succulent Pigs in Blankets crisps. I picked these up in Tesco Express over the weekend for £1, in need of a meaty snacks fix to cope with the busy Christmas crowds.

tesco finest pigs in blankets crisps

I'm not sure what I was expecting; I suppose just bacon flavour crisps, but they did actually have a taste that was somewhere between bacon and sausage, albeit in artificial form. It was neither one thing nor the other and confused my tastebuds a bit. The crisps were very tasty and moreish, but I couldn't help but wish they were just full on bacon or sausage flavour rather than in-between. I'd also bought some Tesco Finest Beef Steak crisps as well as these, which by comparison were a lot nicer.

Overall, these aren't a bad effort and it's nice to see an attempt at Pigs in Blankets in crisp form, but I do wish they'd use less of an artificial flavour for them.

7.5 out of 10.

If you've tried these let me know your thoughts in the comments...and do stick around for more Kev's Christmassy Reviews in the run up to the big day itself!


  1. Still gave them quite a good rating there kevvie. Look at the size of those in THE hand ūüėģ Haha. I never want those rum and coco crisps to leave the shelves xxx

    1. Hmm maybe THE Hand was a bit too generous haha...

      I know! I hope the Cocoa & Rum get reduced after Xmas since no one but us likes them ;) xxx

    2. Oh tits. I forgot the cocoa & rum crisps today! :( xx

  2. The Pringles Pigs In Blankets flavour last year was much better than the Tesco Finest version, IMHO of course. I've seen the Tesco version again this year, but not the better Pringles one :-(


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