Mini Moos Organic Santa Bar

mini moos organic santa bar

It can be rather hard to find Dairy Free milk chocolates, even more so the Christmassy variety, but luckily Moo Free have come to the rescue this Christmas! Not only do they make a Moo Free Advent Calendar, they're also doing this Mini Moos Organic Santa bar which costs 81p in Morrisons (also available in other stores like Holland & Barrett). It's dairy free, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free, as well as being organic. The ingredients consist of cocoa, sugar and rice powder as well as sunflower lecithin.

mini moos organic santa bar

I didn't know what to expect from this as the wrapper gave no indication, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this shiny, well-moulded santa figure. Compared to some chocolates around this time of year he positively looks like the Real Deal!

mini moos organic santa bar

I felt bad taking a bite, but it had to be done! The chocolate is surprisingly creamy for a dairy free bar, with a nice rich cocoa flavour backing it up. As dairy free chocolate goes it's pretty much perfect; sweet, creamy and with just the right amount of cocoa. I thoroughly enjoyed this and preferred it over regular Moo Free Mini Moos bars, because as nice as they are I find them a bit small and thin. The chunkiness of this Santa Bar made it a lot more satisfying to eat.

Overall, if you're dairy free or vegan this is a must-have this Christmas! Stock up while you can :)

Nutrition Information (per 100g): 583 Calories, 40g Fat, 55g Carbohydrates, 34g Sugars, 3g Protein. 

9 out of 10. 

As always, if you've tried this bar let me know your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for more of Kev's Christmassy Reviews! :)


  1. I don't think I've ever actually had a dairy free chocolate.. I can't imagine what it's like? Maybe I need to broaden my horizons ;) xx

  2. I love Moo Free chocolate! When I diagnosed with Coeliac disease and dairy intolerance a few years ago I was worried that my relationship with Chocolate was over as I'd seen and tasted some of the awful "Chocolate" my sister had growing up years ago- she was dairy intolerant from birth and was accustomed to the awful food available. But Moo Free is lovely, their Bunnycomb bar is worth a try.


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