Costa Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

costa toasted marshmallow hot chocolate

I haven't explored Costa's 2016 Festive Menu this year so far, but since it's December and officially the festive season, it was the perfect excuse to try the new Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate.

Apparently it's replaced Costa's White Hot Chocolate and has upset a lot of people in the process - the horror of it! It's a traditional Costa hot chocolate blended with toasted marshmallow syrup, topped off with glittery mini marshmallows. According to the barista I asked, it's also gluten free, hurrah!

costa toasted marshmallow hot chocolate

I ordered a medium size which seemed the perfect amount, topped off with cream because I love me some cream on a hot choccy! I started by spooning it off and nibbling the marshmallows, they were chewy and sweet and pretty lovely all round. The edible glitter makes them feel uber special.

costa toasted marshmallow hot chocolate

The hot chocolate tasted lovely; the marshmallow flavour is sweet and very comforting, tasting authentically of marshmallow. This is sweeter than a regular hot chocolate so if you've got a sweet tooth you'll love it, however if you're more adverse to sweeter flavours it might be overkill for you. To me this is the perfect flavour for the festive season, just what's needed for soothing away the stress of a Christmas shopping trip!

All that said, I also really want to try the Mint Hot Chocolate with an Elf-sized Candy Cane, as well as the Honeycomb Latte and Salted Caramel Cappuccino. Basically the whole range! I'll no doubt be trying those over the next month so do stay tuned for more Costa Festive Menu reviews.

8.5 out of 10.

As always, let me know your thoughts on any of the treats I've tried and do stay tuned for more of Kev's Christmassy Reviews! :)


  1. You've sold it well, Sir! Im'a get one! :D I want extra glittery marshmallows on mine! xx

    1. I hope you get more than me...I thought the 4 was a bit of a stingy amount tbh! Must be a glitter shortage... xx

  2. Glittery mallows!!! I really want to try the Lindt Hot Choc it's sounds devine xx

  3. The honeycomb latte is amazing!! It's well worth a try!

  4. Amazing will be trying this soon, The black forest Hot Chocolate isn't bad either I will be stuck for choice on my next order1


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