Tesco Finest Cocoa & Spiced Rum Crisps

Tesco Finest Cocoa & Spiced Rum Crisps

There's some pretty "out there" Christmas snacks this year, from various alcoholic crisps (like Marks & Spencer Bucks Fizz Crisps) to Salted Caramel Pretzels, Dark Chocolate Chilli Tortillas, and now joining the table are these: Tesco Finest Limited Edition Cocoa & Spiced Rum hand cooked potato crisps. These cost £1 in Tesco's Christmas aisle, are suitable for vegetarians and gluten free, but contain milk.

Tesco Finest Cocoa & Spiced Rum Crisps

I was expecting these to taste awful, if I'm honest. I only bought them because they're so unusual!

Tesco Finest Cocoa & Spiced Rum Crisps

Turns out they're actually weirdly quite yummy! There's a definite chocolatey cocoa flavour coating the crisps, with only a slight hint of rum in the background - blink and you'll miss it. The crisps are quite sweet and have that moreish "sweet and salty" thing going on, that will keep you reaching for more. These may not taste much of rum (which is probably a good thing!) but they're unusual enough to become a talking point over parties this festive season.

Overall, would I recommend these? Well only if you want to get people talking...if you're a genuine fan of rum flavour crisps for some odd reason, you won't get them here, but if you're a novelty crisp lover, tuck right in!

8 out of 10.

I hope everyone's enjoying Kevs Christmassy Reviews so far...if you've tried any of these snacks please do share your thoughts in the comments and as always: there's more to come!


  1. I am still not completely convinced.. Whatever happened to good old salt & vinegar? All these crisps are too wild for me! Haha xx

    1. It went out of fashion like ten years ago haha xx


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