Kev's Christmas Gift Ideas: Chocolates, Snacks & Novelties

reeses giant cups

There's so much festive stuff in the shops right now it's hard to keep track of it all, but luckily I'm here to save the day with some of the best chocolates, sweets and novelty gift ideas! Only 2 weeks left until the big day so let's get cracking...

Reese's Giant Peanut Butter Cups:
First up, this is a must for any peanut butter addict! Scoff them all to yourself... or you could share them. Available from Debenhams and other department stores.

Lindt Excellence Classic Assortment:
lindt excellence assortment

If you know someone with a taste for the darker side of chocolate you can't go wrong with this Lindt Excellence contains their best dark chocolate bars plus a Creamy Milk bar. Available from Debenhams.

Sweet Shop Giant Gummy Cola Bottle:

If you've always had a hankering for a giant version of everyone's favourite childhood sweets aka cola bottles, now is your chance! Available from Debenhams/online.

Giant Gummy Rat:

I don't know why anyone would be possessed to buy or eat this, but hey ho it's Christmas; rat eaters rejoice and tuck in! Available from Debenhams/online.

Chocolate Russian Roulette Game:

Lady Gaga once sang in her hit song Poker Face: "Russian roulette is not the same without a gun"...well it's even better with chocolate! Available from Debenhams/online.

Chocolate Monopoly:

The classic game with milk chocolate pieces. Available from Debenhams/online.

Scrabble Chocolate Edition:

No chocolate game collection would be complete without Scrabble! Available from Debenhams/online.

Edible Strawberry Gummy Hamburger:

Just what I've always wanted...sugar in hamburger form! Available from Debenhams/online.

Candy Fish 'N Chips:

Hopefully these don't taste of fish. Available from Debenhams/online.

Gummy Bacon Rashers:

Me and bacon confectionery don't tend to mix so I certainly won't be buying this for anyone this year. The rest of you however, enjoy! Available from Debenhams/online.

Chocolate Gaming Controller:

Perfect for any gaming fiend...although I'm sure it won't be long until it's game over! Available from Debenhams and other department stores.

Dylan's Donuts:

I don't know who Dylan is but he makes good donut chocolates, apparently. Available from Debenhams.

Chocolate Brussel Sprouts:
chocolate sprouts

These are a sprout I would actually eat! Available from Debenhams.

Chocolate Pigs In Blankets:

I enjoy real pigs in blankets, but these sound nice too! Available from Debenhams.

Treat Factory Poo Lolly:
treat factory poo lolly

A cola flavoured emoji Poo lolly...just what you always wanted for Christmas right? Available from Debenhams and various department stores.

Oh Deer The Super Dooper Reindeer Pooper:
oh deer pooping reindeer

Staying on the poo theme, who wouldn't want this jelly bean pooping Reindeer? Available from Asda.

Pringles Christmas Cracker:

The perfect gift for any Pringles fan...a Christmas Cracker with tins of the most popular Pringles varieties. Available from B&M.

Pringles The Ultra Snack Stack:

If the Christmas Cracker isn't enough, there's also this Ultra Snack Stack containing even more tins of Pringles. Available from B&M.

Nestle Kitkat House:
kitkat house

This festive house shaped giftbox is also available from B&M, and contains mini Kitkat bars.

Nestle After Eight House:
after eight house

There's also an After Eight version containing After Eight chocolate leaves.

Marks & Spencer White Chocolate Angel Wings
marks and spencer angel wings

Perfect for any white chocolate lover, these Marks & Spencer gold dusted angel wings are only suitable for those on Santa's Nice List!

Marks & Spencer Percy Pig Soap on a Rope:
percy pig sopa on a rope

M&S are also doing this Percy Pig Soap on a Rope...but this is one Percy you won't want to eat!

Iceland Luxury Gingerbread Cake Parcels:
iceland gingerbread cake parcels

I had to include these for the gingerbread lovers out there. They sound rather unique for a festive dessert!

Asda Gingerbread Flavour Fudge:
asda gingerbread fudge

Also perfect for the gingerbread fans is this Asda gingerbread spice fudge.

Iceland Luxury Chocolate Baubles:
iceland luxury chocolate baubles

These chocolate baubles with soft chocolate centres look like a cool festive dessert from Iceland!

Iceland Strawberry Ice Cream Trees:
iceland strawberry ice cream trees

As do these white chocolate coated strawberry ice creams with coloured sprinkles!

Waitrose 1 Indian Ocean Dark Chocolate with Coconut:
waitrose 1 indian ocean dark chocolate with coconut

This chocolate contains coconut milk, making it a creamier alternative for vegans or those who are dairy free. It tastes delicious and I would highly recommend it for anyone avoiding dairy this Christmas!

Toblerone Giant 4.5kg Toblerone:
giant toblerone

Last but definitely not least, the largest Toblerone I have ever seen...this whopper is 4.5kg and available at Iceland, but it ain't cheap - it's around £50 or so, if you happen to have some spare change lying around!

giant toblerone

Well, that's about it for this Christmas, although there's many more amazing gifts that I couldn't include here. If you need any last minute ideas hopefully these will help!

Stay tuned for more Kev's Christmassy Reviews in the run up to Christmas; there's plenty of Mince Pies, Puddings and Chocolates to come...even a sprout themed product!


  1. Hey Kev, I know what I want for Christmas.. One giant gummy rat please! xx

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