Marks & Spencer Made Without Wheat Strawberry Trifle

marks and spencer made without wheat strawberry trifle

So Coeliac Awareness Week is drawing to a close, but don't worry there's still plenty more Gluten Free reviews to come! Today's treat is this "Made Without Wheat Gluten Free Strawberry Trifle" from Marks & Spencer. It's one of the many gluten free goodies added to their "Made Without Wheat" range recently.

I haven't eaten Trifle in years, but it used to be a staple in our household every Christmas. Since I've been gluten free I've gradually started craving it more and more, but alas no supermarkets made a Gluten Free trifle...until now. Thanks, M&S! Please keep up the good work :)

This trifle contains all the usual stuff, fresh cream, a layer of creamy custard, strawberry compote, and soft sponge pieces...but gluten free, of course!

marks and spencer made without wheat strawberry trifle

I scooped out a nice portion into a bowl, I'm not sure how many it's meant to serve, but just over a quarter seemed fair to me...

marks and spencer made without wheat strawberry trifle

Taking a mouthful, I have to say it tastes just as yummy as any other M&S Trifle! It's the perfect mixture of fresh cream, vanilla custard, fruity strawberry and soft sponge. The flavours all go perfectly together, but of course it's extremely rich because of the cream. I didn't actually feel like eating too much of it, just the one portion was very filling and satisfying.

Overall, M&S have created another winner with this Gluten Free Trifle! It's everything you'd want in a trifle, only gluten free, so now us neglected Gluten Free folks can enjoy it too. Hurrah for food equality!

8.5 out of 10.


  1. It's great to see more and more free from options that don't compromise on taste. This looks utterly delicious!


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