Fox's Candy Bear Polar Bears

Foxs candy bear sweets

Last year Fox's launched a new range of gluten free gummy sweets under the "Candy Bear" name. I was really excited by these since regular gummy sweets can use glucose syrup derived from wheat (boo!) but these are assured to be completely gluten free (the glucose syrup is instead derived from corn). They Candy Bear range has been in Home Bargains for a mere 50p a bag recently, which is a great bargain but it does suggest that maybe the range is being axed from mainstream stores. I do hope not!

I've tried a few varieties including the cool "Ice Burgers" where you can create your own gummy burgers, but sadly there's so pics (I ate them pretty quickly) so these Polar Bears will have to do!

Foxes candy bear sweets

They're basically gummy sweets containing extra fruit juice, making them a lot fruiter than your average gummy sweet. They're a bit softer than Haribo, and much more flavoursome and fruity. I really enjoyed them and ate a few too many at once...they're so moreish!

Overall, these are some tasty gummy sweets and I do hope they stick around on shelves. For now though, you can find these for the bargainous price of just 50p in Home Bargains, but Poundstretcher also sell them and some WH Smiths might still have them if you're lucky.

8 out of 10.


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