Goodfella's Gluten Free Pepperoni, Mushroom & Ham Pizza

goodfellas gluten free pizza

So today's review is for something I don't think I've ever featured on the blog! The Gluten Free sort, obviously!

Pizza is something I've missed very sorely since going gluten free, there's not many good brands of it around and although Pizza Hut and Pizza Express do some respectable options, sometimes you just want one you can pop in the oven at home! So when I found this new Gluten Free pizza from Goodfella's I was very pleased indeed. I bought this on offer from Tesco in the Free From section, I believe it was around £2 at the time. It contains pepperoni, mushroom and ham on a gluten free pizza base with tomato and cheese.

goodfellas gluten free pizza

Above is what it looked like frozen before cooking...

goodfellas gluten free pizza

And here's the end result: not too shabby for a frozen pizza! It tasted pretty good, there was a nice amount of mushroom, pepperoni and ham although I did feel it could have done with a touch more mozzarella. In hindsight I wish I'd bought some extra to throw on. The base was quite crunchy, more so than I'd have liked but that's common with gluten free pizzas. All in all it was pretty good and definitely one of the better frozen gluten free pizzas I've tried thus far.

Overall, a respectable gluten free pizza from Goodfella's, definitely worth checking out if you have to avoid gluten. Nothing yet beats Pizza Hut or Pizza Express though!

8 out of 10. 


  1. Aldi and Lidl do their own versions too - the Lidl one definitely isn't as good as the Goodfellas once, it's more compariable to the Tesco own brand pizza. The Aldi one is a bit cheaper, but it's also a not much bigger than a saucer and tastes so cardboard-y, the Goodfellas one with extra toppings outshines it so much!

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I may give them a try! I also heard Aldi are doing some gluten free biscuits now?


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