M&S Spirit of Summer Cocoa & Pecan Soft Penuche Fudge

Spirit of summer soft Penuche fudge

As ridiculous as it's been to have this Spirit of Summer range from Marks and Spencer out wayyyy before Summer even begins, Summer is almost around the corner...and I know of a certain chopsy pal who might even start buying some stuff from them soon...but I thought I'd start early, and get myself in the mood. After all the weather has been pretty pants (at least it has where I am), so what better way to lighten the mood than fudge?!

This isn't just any fudge...this is of course M&S Spirit of Summer Cocoa & Pecan "soft Penuche fudge". Penuche is a new word on me, so I googled it to find that it means fudge made with brown sugar rather than white sugar. Here's a more in-depth article about it for anyone interested.

Spirit of summer soft Penuche fudge

For £2 you get 132g of  "a mix of brown sugar fudge with pecan nuts and cocoa", some of the chunks are cocoa flavoured and the others are regular fudge with pecan nuts added. It all smelled very inviting! 

Spirit of summer soft Penuche fudge

Both fudges were very soft, rather than the crumbly tablet-like fudge you so often seem to get in most shops these days. I really enjoyed the pecan one, the nuts brought out the buttery flavours, but I wasn't so keen on the cocoa fudge...it just tasted a little non-descript, not particularly chocolatey and not particularly buttery. I think they should have just put chocolate chips in instead. 

Overall, this is some nice fudge, and it's good to see softer rather than crumbly fudge for a change, but it could have been much better. 

7.5 out of 10. 


  1. But is it as good as my Fudge. Thats the real question here. xx

    1. Nothing is as good as your fudge Chopsy! :) xx


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