New Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate Spread Review

cadbury crunchie chocolate spread

Last week I reviewed the new Cadbury Caramel Chocolate spread and it was pretty awesome, so once I'd finished it off I thought why not try this Crunchie variety too. Like the Caramel version it cost £2.25 which isn't too cheap, but it's a special spread so I'll forgive them. This one is a milk chocolate spread with Crunchie bits mixed in. They only seem to be available at Tesco currently but I'm sure other supermarkets will have them in soon enough.

cadbury crunchie chocolate spread

Opening the lid I got a strong waft of honeycomb and chocolate, it definitely smelled very...honeycomb-ey!

cadbury crunchie chocolate spread

Scooping some out, the Crunchie bits are just about visible mixed in with the spread. 

cadbury crunchie chocolate spread

There was only one way to do this...spoon straight into mouth! 

Unlike the Caramel spread, this one has a more purer chocolate flavour. There's a lot of Crunchie bits crammed in, they're very crunchy as you'd expect and with a strong honeycomb flavour, making this a very sweet but moreish spread. I tried adding a dollop to some homemade rice pudding, which made it even yummier and brought out the honeycomb flavour as it melted: 

cadbury crunchie spread pudding

Overall, this is a dangerously addictive spread from Cadbury and very yummy, but out of the two I preferred the Caramel Spread, it just has that luxurious caramel edge that lifts it. I hope both of these spreads are popular so Cadbury/Mondelez bring out more varieties...anyone for Daim spread or Fruit & Nut? Or maybe Nestle will get in on the act next? Who knows, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get more chocolate bars in spreadable form in the near future...

8 out of 10.


  1. Oh yum - this one looks really good!! Nicer than the Caramel I think due to the textured pieces. I would love to see a Double Decker spread - can you imagine, chocolate, nougatty goodness and biscuit pieces!! Mmmmmmm

    1. Where do the raisins go Lot-O-Choc? ;)


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