Marks & Spencer Crazy Orange Loaded Bar

Marks and Spencer crazy orange loaded

Not content with the rather funky and tasty White, Milk & Dark Chocolate bar they brought out last year, Marks & Spencer have expanded their chocolate range further to include this rather cool looking "Crazy Orange Loaded" bar. Whilst the name is a bit clunky, the bar design is rather's reminiscent of the Cadbury Marvellous Creations bars with their irregular blocks, but a lot more elegant:

Also similar to Marvellous Creations, it contains a mix of different sweets; orange chocolate beans, tangy orange jelly pieces, and milk chocolate nibs. As if this wasn't enough, the chocolate is orange flavoured and contains a top layer of milk chocolate and a bottom layer of dark chocolate.

Marks and Spencer crazy orange bar

This was definitely an interesting bar. I really enjoyed the orange flavour, it's lovely and refreshing, and much nicer than Terry's Chocolate Orange. The chocolate beans added some extra orangey crunch whilst the jellies were chewier and tangier...I'm not sure they worked with the other ingredients really, but the texture was nice nonetheless. I have to be honest though, I wasn't a fan of the dark chocolate layer. I felt it detracted from the orangey milk chocolatey-ness too much; I'd have preferred it if it was all milk chocolate. Nevertheless, this is is still a very tasty bar and it went down well with a cup of coffee!

Marks and Spencer crazy orange loaded bar

Overall, if you're a chocolate orange fan this is definitely one to look out for! M&S are really upping their game with their chocolate range recently, it's been great to see these unique bars and I look forward to seeing what else they've got in store.

8 out of 10. 


  1. I bought this bar yesterday and I really liked it. I think my sister would love it because she likes chocolate orange combinations at the moment.


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